Help Identifying Pokemon Champagne Glasses?

Hi everyone, I wasn’t sure where to post this topic so please move to the correct forum if necessary :blush:

My friend recently went to Japan and bought these Pokemon Champagne Glasses, but couldn’t find any information on their release or where they may have come from. I reckoned this forum would have someone who had an idea or could give a bit of backstory.

More images here to not take up too much space:

Thanks for any help! :blush:


Translation please. Those are very cool and I would like to know more about them as well.

Indeed they are Champagne Glasses. :laughing:

Okay lets get to the facts. This is a limited release commemorating the 10th anniversary of the TV series of the Pokemon Show, released during the Advanced Generation (when Pokemon was at its low time).
Either they were a raffled item and a select few only got the item OR It was on sale but for a high price of maybe $50(at the time, I have no idea how much this went for)

Looking online, there isn’t much information other than they were a limited release but it can go for a pretty penny. There is one store looking for this item and is willing to pay 7200 Yen approx. 63 USD. This means that retail to the right buyer may go for… 90 USD (don’t take my word for it)

The maker of this cup is called 東洋佐々木グラス Toyo-Sasaki Glass, and they make some of Japan’s finest cups and glassware:

Judging from there is no “production number” it must be some sort of raffled off item.


@rambo , can you take pictures of the back of the box? there might be a serial number or some sort of identifier

Sweet, glad I could get an answer that quickly haha. Thank you :blush:

Nothing on the back of the box :slightly_frowning_face:


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Hm then its definite that it is a raffled off item with a limited quantity. (Dunno how many though)
Tell you friend good find!
If he wants more, I have this Slowpoke cup that I’m trying to get rid of.

Pokemon has had a lot of glasses go under the radar! There was a Charizard glass raffled at a regional tournament years ago that was apparently meant to be produced more, but wasn’t, sort of like the Dragon Frontiers deck box. The organizer was sent three and raffled them off.

I still have my set of black Pokemon Center Charizard mugs from years ago :sweat_smile:

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This is an awesome example of the power of E4, a complete explanation and price analysis of a super niche item in under and hour. Where else but E4!


Lol everything has been answered above. Should be a lottery prize, from adv-p latios latias era

But yeah, it’s a nice set, I’ve seen some cheaper Pokemon wine glasses around Japan, but that one above looks neat. With the box etc.

I know there is some other prizes from the lottery, I think there is a clock, and some toys figures.

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Thanks again for all the help everyone! :blush: