Has anyone shipped Pokemon items to Russia?

Hi, Any advice on shipping Pokemon items to Moscow, Russian Federation? One of my Pokemon coins was bought by someone from Moscow and I just want to know if anyone had issues shipping items before. The transaction is covered by PayPal protection so there’s a good chance I will be safe but I’m more concerned about making sure the buyer receives his item and is satisfied. Thanks!

I’ve shipped retro video games with batteries inside to Russian.

So lithium batteries got through, which is always one of the first obstacles shipping overseas.
Plus there was no custom fees, as I think I declared the item under $200 usd.

So my opinion it is safe and easier to ship to Russian than many other countries.

Their customs don’t seem to be to harsh. Plus you have protection from paypal… somewhat… x.x lol, don’t know if you can actually call it seller protection though… since it seems to always favour buyers.

I shipped a sealed big box copy of SoulSilver a few weeks ago and the buyer didn’t report any problems. A coin should be fine :blush:

Thanks for the encouraging responses. I will proceed with the transaction and ship the coin to the buyer. Cheers!

I have 27 customers on my list from Russia who have mostly made mulitple buys. Have not had even a single issue up till now.

Thanks Gary. That’s good to hear.