Guess the card

Hi everyone,
as a few members noticed that there was a lack of activity on this forum lately, I thought of something we could do to get everybody involved again. As the headline already suggests this thread is sort of a quiz. The person who can guess the card (or better which card this is a part of) correctly gets to post the next part. Let me know if you think this could be fun or not (if not I can simply delete it again)!

Lets start with an easy one so you can get the idea …

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LOL I never noticed ash was on a boat before… But here’s the card!

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Right answer. @elam18 you’re next!

Yes this is a real card.

LOL and yes, I made it really hard =/


Yes, that’s right… Now it’s your turn @pokemoncenteritaly

you be able to find Celebi?

Edit: Darkrai beat me to it. :confounded:

Good @darkrai !

I like this :blush: keep it going!

oh man i have no idea >.< im terrible at this evry single one i failed at :confused:
but try this one

That’s so easy. Promo English unown J

Still looking through my collection for this card… I know for sure it’s not a Jumbo card.

I’m thinking unnumbered promo, probably Japanese-exclusive.

gah! i tried your right lol


If you do a picture of an English Promo, I’ll know all of it cus I have all the English Promo ever released except 4 of them.

Took me a while to find this then I remembered the ice cream pokemon

Here’s the next one:

It is not a card… Pokémon ranger and the temple of the sea.

DAMN! Looks like Beyblade lol

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