Grand Party Promo ... water stains?

Hey guys, just received the Grand Party Promo but I noticed a few dark spots on the card, they do look like the Galaxy holo pattern orbs and they are all throughout the card, are all of the Grand Party cards like this or am I being too paranoid that they’re water stains? Notice the contrast on the grey part near the Pokemon symbol at the bottom of the card that look like dark-grey circles/blobs:



Dont worry, this is just the holo pattern underneath. The same thing I have with my SSB and TMB trophy cards.
I guess back then the technology was simply not as good as today thats why you can see the holo pattern through.

I have 3 dozen of these and I just checked them all. Most are pretty consistent with the holo shining through but on two it was even more prevalent. Yours looks perfectly normal at least when compared to mine.

Thank you guys, that was a load off my mind! :blush:

3 Dozen?! :thinking: Holy crap!

Yep, same thing here. All of my Grand Party cards have these marks, as does my Tropical Mega Battle card.

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