Grading Art Academy cards with PSA?

Hey all I have come across a psa Japanese card of Noddles raincoat. But I was told none of these could be graded, is it only the Japanese and not the European?

PSA grades all languages of base set, but beyond that they only grade English and Japanese cards. So you can grade the Japanese and English Art Academy cards but not the European ones. Some people have managed to get different language cards through PSA, but generally they won’t grade them.


Thanks I thought it was for all. So annoying -.- I have seen a PSA email explaining why x

I genuinely think that if you present enough of a case with these art academy cards psa may accept to grade them, there is a finite number which is well known and they won’t be printed in any other way, because of this I think wth a little documentation/convincing the non eng/jp cards may also stand a chance of being graded, I have no like inside info or anything is just a little hunch I got.

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The European art academy cards aren’t part of a specified set whereas the Japanese illustrator cards are, ie, X-Y. Maybe in time PSA will grade them, but probably not anytime soon.


With proper documentation you should be able to get them all graded now.
Sort of like the Pikachu World Collection cards which have multiple languages and not just base design.


Good news for all art academy card owners, who knows, may even pick one up myself now!

i have seen several delphox graded so with documentation you can most likely grade them

and i myself have 2 copies of noddles japanese that i graded so i know for sure they can be graded.

The Japanese cards could always be graded.

I wonder if PSA will be stringent on the European releases with the different language cards. Since some are in French, Spanish etc. Anyone have any information on that?

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I only know meli is in the process of them being graded(English). Don’t think anyone has tried the other as of yet :blush: