Gold "W" Stamp Promo card Info

Here’s some rare promotional stuff for the dark charmeleon


Holy smokes that’s amazing!

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I have been asking where all these individually sealed Rocket cards came from for several years and nobody could tell me. It never even occurred to me they could come from the same Kraft promotion as Dark Charmeleon. Thank you SO MUCH for solving this mystery for me.


This is incredible, I’ve never seen this before either. Retailer communications are very rare, I’m stunned to see this.

What is that pack with multiple cards? Is that all 20 cards in one pack for the benefit of the retailer?

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Yeah the sealed pack contains all the cards that were able to be obtained from the promotion.


Whoa that’s really cool. What great info for the charmeleon! I was literally thinking of asking if anyone had more info or pics for it because it had such a unique release!

Anyone know by the way how that Italian W stamp pika was released? That’s the only non English W stamp, right?

Here’s a good photo showing the visual difference between the gold and silver stamps


Created an account just to help with this thread :smiley: Yes the Italian version is the only non English W stamp. The main difference aside from language being it was an Unlimited version (rather than 1st Edition).


Welcome @Sparky! Great info. Do you know how it was released? Was it some sort of magazine promotion?

If anyone has some silver stamp versions of this card I’d like to replace mine (in poor condition). They’re such a pain in the ass to find so hit me up if you’ve got an extra.

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I’ll keep an eye out. I’m in Aus so they come up every now and then.


Thank you very much!

Good to know @Sparky. Can you tell us a bit more about the release?

Also, I don’t know why I didn’t mention it earlier in the thread but the W stamp pikachu has an Italian variant. I don’t know about German. I can’t remember. The other language promos can be super hard to find, there were limited amounts of sheets produced.

Here’s an Italian w stamp promo and an Italian Pichu black star promo, and Italian shining charizard because they were sitting in front of me.

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So we know about the italian W stamp, but not much about “how it was released.” I do not think it is in other languages besides italian, but I could be wrong.

Any info for how it was released?

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Nobody posted a picture of it, so that’s why I showed one. I’ll find out.