Gma Grading

How well do they stack up against psa? is there 10 the same as a PSA 10?

Price-wise GMA is incredible. But it’s because they don’t offer you the quality, reputation, or price increase on cards that PSA offers.

If you search around the forum, you’ll find the same opinion over and over: if you are grading your Pokemon cards, PSA is by far the best source. You will not find anything the same.

But if you’re looking for nothing more than a cheap plastic case for your cards, feel free to go with another service.

yea i figured that would be the case. are you able to send GMA cards to be regraded by PSA and is it hard to take a card out of its case?

You can send them in if you’ve already removed them from the case. And it is relatively easy to get the case open, but you have to be careful not to damage the card. There are guides online several places about removing cards from graded cases. Especially YouTube.

Cool thanks for the info!

Like everyone said it’s a waste of time. The cases don’t even look nice. I had one once and the cards moved around a lot.