Giovanni's Persian card. 9000 hp. Need information on card.

I have just found an old card… it seems very weird. It says it has 9000 hp. The date and illustration author isn’t there. It’s in rough condition sadly. Here is some information on the card: Giovanni’s Persian 9000 HP, normal type Pokémon. “Classy Cat Pokémon”. Edition 1. Pokémon Power: Call the boss. LV.23 #53. The thing that surprises me the most is the elevated HP for a Pokémon like Persian. What also surprises me is that the date isn’t on the card, as if it’s being covered by the yellow border. Anyway I don’t know much about it, if anyone does please do tell! Here are some pictures
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~Thank you!

Unfortunately that card is one of the knock offs that was produced when Pokemon was at the height of its popularity back in 1999-2001.

I had a feeling it was fake, thanks for the information!

wow i was like “since when does a pokemon have 9k hp!!!”

When that pokemon surpasses level 1000

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