Getting PSA to recognize a new variation of a card

Does anyone have experience with getting PSA to recognize a new variation of a card? I’m wondering how many examples of the variation they need to see before they’ll recognize it and start giving it a unique label.

This is the error I’d like to get them to recognize. I own 13 of these, one of which is PSA graded but didn’t receive a unique label. The fact that it received a 9 makes me think they realize it’s a factory error and not damage to the card, but for whatever reason haven’t classified it as a separate card like they do the missing symbol error.

I recognize that PSA graded card.

As far as getting PSA to recognize a varience Ive found that it really has to be something the comunity of collectors recognize. For example I got PSA to recognize trainer decks by sending them a lot of links with info on the cards. For no rarity cards I had to send them a letter with images from various sources as well as had japaninime as a contact if they needed all the images of the card. You’ll have to ask him if they actually contacted him or not. It also helped that daleum sent in a couple of cards with no rarity as a variance.

For the pinsir error you’re going to have a very difficult time, mainly because there isn’t enough notoriety within the comunity. If there was a set name that everyone was calling it that would be different, but right now it’s no different then a single printing error. If it was missing text like no stage blastoise/no damage ninetales/no hp Persian I could see it. But the way it is now I just don’t think you could get PSA to recognize it.

Either way best of luck.

Really, how’s that?

Thanks for the info! I doubt it’s going to happen, there probably aren’t enough of them out there to convince them. I may try though.

If you click that link and my signature it’ll all make sense. :wink:

You’re going to have a lot of trouble with this one, as @cullers pointed out. What PSA usually require is a document (or number of documents) that proves it exists. There are no separate labels for no-damage ninetales, stage error blastoise, and evolution box wartortle (until very recently in the last case…it was recently ratified as a variant by PSA). These are all long-standing errors that are well-known in the community, but yet they don’t have labels (at least yet, other than wartortle). Considering that, it seems difficult to imagine they’d ratify this Pinsir.

Maybe ask around and find out who got PSA to label the Wartortle error and ask how they did it. I’ve got PSA to grade a ton of never-before-graded cards, but I never attempted to get them to ratify those error cards. Hopefully you can find people who have attempted (or succeeded) to do so. They could help you :blush:

This isn’t impossible if you feel extremely strongly about it. See what you can do.


Perhaps submit all 13 or so of those Pinsir with appropriate documentation?

I mean it would be hard to deny it is a legitimate error if you show them how many copies a single collector has.

That said, it is only a first thought and I don’t know if it warrants any real consideration.

I had a feeling that might be it haha. Thanks for the card!

I’ll do some research on that, thanks!

If you’re going to get PSA to acknowledge the error, what are you/they going to call it?

The simple answer is it’s not going to get recognized. If they recognize this as varience they’re opening the gate to any error that has more then one instance, ie circle heart clefairy, gold ink stain hitmonlee, rainbow coloring dragonair, highlighter snorlax, etc.

I’ve been wrong before and I don’t like discouraging collectors, but I feel this instance is just too much false hope if I said it was possible. It was hard enough getting PSA to recognize known errors, and actual variances. I just don’t see this one happening.

I’m already trying to get PSA to recognize inverted wb stamps and they’re known within the comunity, with a recognizable name, yet still the varience doesn’t exist…

Closest thing to that card may be the Butterfree “d” card. I’m afraid it’s quite common though. I have a load of them and never cared enough about them to even list one. If your successful on getting it labeled and you start making big bucks on them I may jump in;)

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Didn’t it take ages for PSA to recognise Shadowless as well?

It took me 4 years to finally get the shadowless designated but it’s no longer quite that hard;) When you finally get one accomplished though you are very satisfied almost like its your baby:)

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I agree with Gary in that getting that new label is a precious moment :stuck_out_tongue:

As for getting the Pinsir error labeled, even if PSA was open to labeling it, what would they call it? What do you even call it? I’m with cullers in that I just don’t think your hopes will come true. I think you should focus on spreading awareness within the community so it becomes an error like a No Stage Blastoise or D Butterfree - something with a name everyone can learn and remember.

I’ve been calling it “scratch error Pinsir” since it looks like a scratch, but I don’t think that’s any good because “scratch” implies damage. Maybe “corner smear” or “border smear”?

How about “Foil Edition” Pinsir?

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That sounds like a novice trying to describe a holographic card haha, don’t think it would work well with Google results. It needs to be fairly unique.

How about:

Scratch Pinsir
Scratched Pinsir
Silver Edition Pinsir
Error Edition Pinsir
Cracked Pinsir

Anything with “scratch” implies damage, which I think should be avoided. “Silver edition” and “error edition” aren’t very descriptive, and using “edition” at all might cause people to confuse it as a separate print run like 1st edition. “Cracked” is okay but I don’t think that accurately describes the error. I think something with “smear” will be best, as the ink around the corner appears to be smeared outwards.

“Someone was sleeping at work” Pinsir? :blush:

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“Clawed D Error” ?