frostflake´s collection


first post here. Even tho i created an account a couple of weeks or months ago, I didnt post anything yet. Today I decided to make one.

What I collect:

Japanese Blastoise

Blastoise is my favorite pokemon due to pokemon blue i guess. So thats the only Pokemon i currently collect
So what is missing? Many non first Blastoises. The ones I still need and are somewhat hard to get are probably the Web non-1st and the expedition non-1st. Also I would like to get the Sketch Deck box but i think this is even harder to get and also a lot more expensive than the missing cards i suppose.

ex sets:

currently focusing on ex: FRLG and ex TRR.
FRLG is almost complete, still missing the Magikarp as common and STAFF Promo (if any exists). (pics follow as soon as i get the Magikarp at least)

TRR: my “recent” additions (was a couple of weeks ago) :

(i know vaporeon isnt part of TRR)

i am somewhat happy because most cards were in a NM condition and the price was alright. Still missing 4 Ex, 1 GS and many reverse and holo cards tho.

CoL Shinies and Alph Lithographs:

Luckily I was able to get the Shinies when CoL was released. Still missing Alph 1,2 and 4 but they are luckily not that expensive

English FAs (pics to follow)

This part will become bigger and bigger with the new sets. So i dont think that it will be hard to fill and isnt that impressive (especially after the release of the rainbow rares). I still need the Decidueye GX FA, Primarina GX FA and Incineroar GX FA


Cool! Those Blastoise are really cool ^^

That is a beautiful collection :-). As you may be able to tell by my avatar, Blastoise is a personal favorite.

Sweet cards! You should check on Virbank City Pokemart (facebook group) for the Sketch Deck box!

Last year I traded an open Mint Charizard one for $150 in cards, and I know there are some other deck box people on there who should have the Blastoise one!

Love the Blastoises. I think when many of my goals are complete, I’ll have to start one for a specific Pokemon and maybe in a specific language (probably Japanese) like you have. They seem like a great challenge!

just a small update.

I dont really collect error cards but i happen to have at least 2 errors

Both errors are not that rare as far as i know. The german copycat has a strange effect but everything else is fine. it is not that rare because i have seen at least 4 copies of those and i heard from other people that they´ve seen the error at least once too.

The darkrai is a non texture card (well there is still some texture on it) i also think it is not rare but i like it more than a textured FA card