Friends and Family or Good and Services?

When buying from someone on this website (first time for me) do you all normally use goods and services as payment option with Paypal or do you risk it and send as family?

Depends on the user.


I usually will request to use G&S but offer to pay the extra fees as the buyer.


I usually would rather take g&s, makes printing shipping labels from my phone very easy.

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The golden rule is to never F&F more $$$ than what the seller’s reputation is worth.


Thanks all

2% equals peace of mind…I’ll pay it everytime. If the seller declines then I’ll move on.


Yeah, the amount is conveniently placed next to ‘Posts:’ under everybody’s avatar. :grin:

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I won’t send F&F unless the seller asks me to do so and if I trust them enough to do it.

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I avoid F&F because back in 2011 or so PayPal used to be really quick to ban accounts which abused F&F. I’d rather not risk having my account banned, even if they don’t do that so often any more.

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I use f/f for tax purposes. In a decade 0 problems (and screw the irs;)