Forest Sheet + Blue Sheet

Hi all,

Does anyone know the approximate value on these two sheets?

I won this auction for what I think to be a deal. According to Bulbapedia – Only 1,000 of each sheet were produced. It seems that the sheets are pretty under appreciated given how limited in production they were.



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On ebay the blue set was sold for 55$ and the green goes for 90$. I think you can get around 140-160$ for the 2 set. (I was bidding for the auction, my snipe bid was 9900yen but I withdrew the offer because paying so much there is no profit margin.)

I saw that lot too!

I think that you can comfortably say you can get around $50-60 for the blue and for the Green $78-86

Nicely done! I planned to bid on Flareon (to go with my PSA 10 Jolteon), but I overslept.

Glad you got it, though. Any idea why these sheets are so under appreciated?

Can anyone confirm that only 1000 of these were printed? With some sort of source. I’ve dug DEEP on bulbapedia sources, but can’t find jack shit that would confirm only 1000 were ever produced… Love the set either way, but would love to have some sort of verification that this is true for my own sanity at this stage. lol.

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