FireBirder's WTB: Sell me your Ampharos PSA 9/10!

Ampharos is my favorite pokemon so I’ve started collecting all of the English cards featuring it. Mostly looking for PSA 10s or raw copies that you think have a shot at a 10 for grading. Gonna be a long shot for some as they have super low pops since nobody really grades Ampharos cards. Hoping some community members have some nice raw copies I can get and grade myself someday.

Also looking at Japanese Ampharos PSA 10 now as well if you have any, shoot me a message. I’ve added a list for Japenese now with prices!

Check out my set registry now on PSA! If you see anything I’m missing, please do send a message or comment. Thanks!


  • Expedition Holo #2 - PSA 10 $3500

  • Aquapolis Reverse Holo - PSA 10 $300

  • EX TRR Reverse Holo - PSA 10 $500

  • EX Unseen Forces Holo - PSA 10 $350

  • Secret Wonders Holo - PSA 10 $1500

  • Secret Wonders Reverse - PSA 10 $400

  • Secret Wonders Non-Holo Theme Deck - PSA 10 $250

  • POP Series 7 Non-Holo - PSA 10 $250

  • HGSS Non Holo PSA 10 $150

  • HGSS Rev Holo PSA 10 $200

  • Dragons Exalted Rev Holo PSA 9 $75

  • Ampharos Spirit Link Rev Holo PSA 10 - $100

  • Lost Thunder Rev Holo PSA 10 - $75

    Japanese Ampharos PSA 10!

  • Dragon Frontiers 1st Ed - $300

  • Dragon Blast Unlimited (Pop 0) RAW - $50

  • XY Bandit Ring Spirit Link Unlimited RAW - $20

  • XY Bandit Ring Unlimited EX Full Art and MEGA Full Art RAW - $30-50

Random Cards featuring Ampharos:
HeartGold Soulsilver Lightning Energy PSA 10 $100**

I know it will be a long task to accomplish this goal and I appreciate any help from this awesome community!

Of course, open to price discussions as well so just message me with what you got.

Thanks again!



Bump with price updates. Thanks!


Pretty sure heracross is a $2000 card in 10


Who are you to deny this man his dreams?


Thanks Prochaos, I wasn’t really sure what to list for that since there hasn’t really been any sold data recently. Last 2 on ebay were $225 and $350 I think but I do understand that was 2 years ago.

If its going for 2k now, that is a massive 500% jump in only 2 years. Quite a sky rocket but it is an awesome card. Do you know of any more recent sales to back up the $2000 price point? Thanks!

Heracross is only population 15 so very hard to obtain! Sales from 2 years ago would have jumped a lot by now also and hard to get good sales data on such a low pop card. $2000 was probably a estimate? I can’t see it going for less then $1,000 personally


Love these hypotethical values.

Misdreavus is a pop 13 from neo rev and sold for $600 on 13 Nov via instagram.

Best way to value cards with sales few and far between is to compare cards with a similar pop/collectability.


Heracross is a bit more popular than Misdreavus (I think?) and Neo Genesis is a more desired set than Neo Revelation.

Nonetheless, that’s a fair comparison and the sort of data point that you can use to try to piece together a rough estimate of what the Heracross could be worth, especially since the population of 10s on those cards is so similar.


Neo genesis is more desired than neo Rev…wait hold up.

If you want to say I’m wrong, I won’t argue with you. I’m not an expert on the subject. Anecdotally it always seemed to me that more people were interested in completing Neo Genesis, though (which would make sense since it’s the first Neo set). Of course, many people who have an interest in collecting a Neo set have interest in collecting all the Neo sets.

Does anybody know of any recently sold Heracross outside of ebay? I thinking comparing it to a similar card from another set is a good idea to gauge price for these types of cards.

Also, does anybody have any info on the Jumpluff recent sales? Last two on ebay seem to be about 15 months for $51 and $100.

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I have a 9.5 Heracross if that interests you. Maybe a cheaper way to get your gem. No worries if not :blush:

@firebirder31, I don’t blame the values here, a long jump from the last visible sales via ebay and to utilize our Pokemon Price still has those sales. Good luck friend.


Thanks for the kind offer but I think for now I’ll stick with keeping things in PSA. Much appreciated.

Thanks very much. It can be difficult to evaluate and put out a price for something with such little data.

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Bump with more card wants and price updates.


Thanks! List updated.