Filter out sellers from ebay search?

Lately I’ve been searching for some high-end cards, and the only ones to show up are beat-up copies shoved in a toploader without a sleeve listed as New by a seller with crappy feedback.

I know sellers can block bidders/buyers, but can buyers block/filter out sellers? Sorry if this has been answered before.

Nope. No such feature.


Lol. I never knew that. Is there a way to tell if your blocked by anyone?

From what I know, you can still see the seller’s listings, but any attempts to bid or buy will be rejected.

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Oh…so the above info only makes it so you cant bid, but you see all their items?

Yup, unless they changed it very recently. I believe you’ll get redirected to a page with a message that says something along the lines of “sorry, you aren’t allowed to purchase the item,” or “sorry, you don’t meet the buyer’s requirements.”

You two are talking about two different things - shibe’s talking about buyer blocklist but Gary’s talking about the seller filter. The seller filter has no other effect than besides what you see when you search.

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So the seller filter will prevent that sellers items from showing up in your searches?

Seller blocks you = what I mentioned above

Buyer filters out your listings = no way to tell as far as I can see

Only when that seller filter is chosen for your search. It’s not enabled for every single search thereafter. If there is a list of sellers whose items you never want to see again, you’d have to save that search or bookmark the url for that search for their items never to appear again. If you refresh the page or whatever, the filter’s no longer going to be there.

And to answer your question from above: as shibe said, there’s no way to know when a user excludes you from the search. But again, a filter only applies to one search, not to every search thereafter.

Could a filtered seller reappear if they change their username?

Good question, not sure, but my guess would be that their items would reappear. Which would mean you’d have to change the name on your filter and they wouldn’t be able to change their name for another 30 days or whatever the limit is.