Favorite EFour Banner?

Hey Everyone!

I am not active enough these days on EFour, but since its “neo genesis” (hah, get it?), I think this banner is one of my favorites. Aside from the simplistic yet powerful framing of the sunset, the selection brought back a lot of nostalgic emotions from the '90s! Kudos to the designer.

Which one is your favorite?


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like the slowpoke one ^^


I can stare at this all day, every day. There are times I blankly stare at the slowpokes and forget what I was doing.

Close second is the squirtle with the 2018 sunglasses. I’m seriously hoping that Shizzlemetimbers will just change the 2018 to a 2019 and redo the squirtle gif again. It was a great start to the year when I first saw it at the beginning of January!


The new growlithe one :blush:

I do like the new banners very much but this one has a special nostalgic place in my heart.


Ditto knows whats good.

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Gengar Totoro