Factory holes?

Hey all! I recently delved into sealed product and bought an unlimited pack of Gym Heros. I received the pack and it had a very small hole in the top right side of the pack. Seller told me that it was a factory hole.
Just hoping someone can shed light on this situation.

What do you wanna know?

Just if factory holes cover all of WOTC sets, just gym heroes? All packs? Only unlimited?
I am completely ignorant when it comes to packs

Do you have a picture? That would certainly help.
Is it a circular hole like the ones a hole puncher makes? Or is it more narrow, like a cut from a knife?

It is a small vertical tear. It is hard to get a focused picture of it, but it is for sure not a hole punch mark.

I’ll let somebody more knowledgeable comment on this particular type of damage, but I personally haven’t seen this kind of factory damage before (though I must stress I haven’t had too many vintage packs in my hand, recently).

yep this is classic perforations that old wotc packs have, apparently to stop them exploding at high altitudes


I believe this was discussed before, and as acebren says, this is actually classic perforations in the packs that you would see sometimes.

Here’s an example of another thread explaining this issue more indepth:


Awesome, thanks your help! I appreciate it.

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No problem, feel free to ask any other questions whenever your intuition tells you that something is wrong :blush: