Facebook Removed My Access to Marketplace!

I tend to sell a pretty good bit of the extra Pokémon pins and coins I get on various Facebook groups as well as a personal collection page I started. I had a pretty good night selling pins and then all of the sudden I was locked out of my account. They wanted me to change my password and verify that it was me. It made me go through all of my recent posts, comments, messages, etc. and verify that it was me who made them. I did all that and access to my account was restored. I went on selling and everything was fine. I woke up the next morning to a notification from Facebook that says that my access to Facebook marketplace and my ability to post in any buy/sell groups has been removed. I appealed and I hope to get it back as I have never had an unsatisfied customer on Facebook, but it has been three days now and no reply or decision from Facebook. I keep getting tagged, and my posts are getting commented on but I cannot reply or see them. I am getting messages from buyers in my marketplace inbox of my messenger but it won’t let me access those as well. It has literally halted everything I do! I started to post collection update videos and now I can’t even do that because I can’t even see any of my usual groups!

Anybody here sell on Facebook and have experience with something like this? I am at my wits end here!

Facebook is garbage! I am guessing you were selling/making too much for their comfort. It won’t be long and they will be taking a % cut just like eBay. Hell I saw repackaged football packs in a box at Walgreens the other day and guess what company was the repacker…yup Facebook Company was on the back of the box. I would have never guessed they were in to retail.

Theres a 0% chance that Facebook Inc. is selling third party football cards

@casual ,

Check out the image below. It is the Fairfield Company (a division of Excell Marketing), but they have the exact same logo as Facebook so I assume Excell is owned by Facebook, or they are going to get sued for stealing their logo, LOL.


I’m pretty sure the Facebook logo just means *you can find us on facebook under “The Fairfield Company”*You can see the actual Fairfield Company logo above it. Tons of products have social media icons on them along with the sellers usernames.



Aaaaaaaah, yeah that makes sense. Forgive me, I am old and senile.

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Now without even a single reply or anything they have closed my appeal without granting me Marketplace access. I just do not understand why they did this to me. I have several sales pending and I can’t contact my buyers because they have shut me out of all my groups and my on going Marketplace messenger conversations!