Error vs. Corrected Blaine's Charizard

Hey All,

I recently purchased an unlimited Blaine’s Charizard to get graded. It has the fighting energy error, but I was wondering which one is less common, and is there a price difference between error and corrected?


The corrected version is more difficult to find. I don’t know if there is a substantial price difference, since most people probably prefer it in 1st edition.

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Well, I just paid $200 for the corrected version in PSA 9…So there is that. You won’t find the corrected version too often, at least when i’ve been looking.

The corrected is much rarer. In my experience I’d say 10 to 1.


I have the feeling this ratio happens pretty often for cards which have a misprinted variation and corrected variation.
With the POP5 Pikachu and Mew with upside down vs corrected back for example the corrected one is much harder to find and therefore also worth more, even though I like a misprint much more.
Same with the misprinted Toshinao Aoki illustrator Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno WotC Promos vs the corrected Naoyo Kimura illustrator. The corrected ones are also harder to find, but the misprinted ones can be found sealed for about 2 USD easily.

Not sure about the price differences for the Blaine’s Charizard, but the corrected is definitely less common to find and usually when I see the Blaine’s Charizard in someone’s collection picture it’s the error version.


I don’t think there is a corrected version of 1st Edition Blaine’s Charizard


I think you’re right…deleted.

Right you are. The error was only corrected for the unlimited print run of this card. As there are both 1st Edition and unlimited specimens of this card affected by the printing error, it’s impossible to tell on which iteration of the unlimited print runs the error was actually corrected.