Error / Misprint Blastoise Base Set

What is the price of this item for:

Error without the “Stage” in the card

Ungraded EX
Ungraded NM/M

Graded psa 9 (the seller on ebay counter offered me with $170, and I declined)

I haven’t really monitored the prices until recently, thoughts peeps?

Graded psa 9 at that price is good! I’ll sold my psa 9 one (I had 2) for $250.00 (lucky!) but $170 isn’t bad. Ex goes for about $70.00, nm-m goes around the $100 range from what I’ve seen.

Thanks for the pm and the pics again cbd12345

Yea, I just wasn’t really sure of the price since one NM sold for 60-70, while an individual purchased a BIN EX condition card from the_charizard_authority for 170, and one or two were sold at 100-130, EX condition.

The prices jumped so much, and with so few past sales I’m just not really sure what a suitable market price is, so thanks for the input