English and Japanese Booster Pack Arts

This is an incredible resource, thanks for your efforts!


You also forgot detective pikachu in Japanese




  • Fusion Strike

If you’re doing the oversized booster packs like the Lizardon Mega Battle, don’t forget the Rayquaza Mega Battle oversized booster pack and the 3 iterations of English Trade & Play kits

Looking at the Trade & Play kits, I see 2019 and 2020 version - was there a 2018/2021?

*Updated Japanese

  • Rayquaza Mega Battle pack



  • Brilliant Stars


  • VMAX Climax


I just picked this up off of eBay but can’t find much info on it. It’s listed as a General Mills promo booster but looking that up only gets me the Alola starters:

Which I don’t see in the PDF either.

To quote Bulbapedia:

Interesting! Thank you!!

Just downloaded from the main post, its got up too brilliant stars, but Fusion Strike is missing, as well as Shining Legends… not sure if it got removed by accident or something… other then that, Amazing List and fully appreciated !

Incredible how so many of the pack arts in the earlier days look like fake packs with their awful and off-model CGI.

Compare that to those from Chilling Reign or from Arita. A world of difference.

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Thanks for updating the PDF koala! I wonder if it might be easier to update if it was just a folder you shared with each of the files rather than one big pdf? That way folks who wanted a particular pack wouldn’t need to download the whole PDF just to get the one or two they were interested. Just an idea.

Also was wondering if there’s any chance to get some higher res artwork of the earlier packs?

Would be great to see it standardized a little. Thanks so much for this great resource!

Ahhh gotcha thanks for the clarification!

Just wondering if we know the artist credit for all the booster packs?

Some are identifiable by distinct styles, but just wondering if there is a database or something.

This is now the database :sweat_smile:

It looks amazing @koala even on mobile!

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Thanks @koala !

Do they make it difficult to know who designed the packs?

Though some of them have very distinctive styles lately to ascribe towards.

Sometimes educated guesses (artist’s cards in the same era) and seldom confirmations from the artist themselves. It’s also very hard for me to tell which CGI artist/group did which pack. If there are any that have been confirmed, feel free to let me know and I’ll update

Updated to S12a VSTAR Universe!