English 1st Edition Printings

Wanted to hear peoples thoughts on English 1st Edition.

I wasn’t into collecting when 1st Editions were taken out of the English sets, I have read up a bit on why they were taken out, and to be honest I really wouldn’t mind them coming back if that were a possibility.

If 1st Editions were to come back for English cards, would you like it?
If no to above, why wouldn’t you like them to come back?
For those who were collecting when 1st Editions stopped being printed for English cards, what was the reaction in the collecting community like? And were Unlimited editions really being released before the 1st Editions in some places?

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1st edition coming back = more spending for collectors

my wallet just screamed


NO, I don’t mind not having 1st editions. It was cool for the first few sets, but it just seems unnessecary now.

I would love it. I’m all about big sets. More fun to collect. 1st Edition + Reverse Holos as variants sounds like a fun set to me. 4 variations of most cards? Cool.

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I would have loved 1st ED for English cards. It is the main reason I collect JPN. :blush:

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TBH I think its for the best they stopped them, however I only really collect the older WOTC cards. My entire collection sets (barring the base set) are all unlimited, so I have a task ahead of me to get them all in 1st edition, especially the neo sets as they’re so damn pricey.

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of Reverse Holos over 1st Editions. It seems like a more fair way for everyone involved to pull a special version of their favorite old card. Instead of having certain packs with their most rare version of the card and other packs without it, you would have the possibility of pulling a “Reverse Holo Base Set Charizard” from every Base Set pack.

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Good point! You remind me how much I enjoyed the JPN sets with Reverse Holos and 1st ED.

Then again, I am in a small minority. :wink: