Empty pokemon mystery cubes?

Good Evening,

Ive seen alot of these mystery cubes on youtube etc, I wondered where I could pick up the empty cubes please?
They would be really useful for me, however I cant seem to find them on ebay (I dont know what to search, and based in the UK)



Like the clear plastic container?

Most card shops have those in them for baseballs and other collectibles.

Yes the container with them, Im from England. I couldnt really tell you where my local card shop is hah! There are a few collectables stores but thats about it. I was wondering if there are any I can purchase via ebay amazon etc preferably in the uk due to postage and import charges

Or even keywords to find them online please aha, no luck with my search terms at the moment!

No matter how many times I search Sophia Bush I just cannot seem to locate these cubes

Not really. The ball containers have a black seating.
All the youtube cubes are all clear.

They use:

A card shop nearby sells them, so they are available in Europe. Just not very common

Thank you very much :blush: Ill have a search around for uk sellers ^.^ Ive some collectables and figures I want to put in for my shelf! Avoids dust
Much appreciated :heart_eyes:

Find a shop selling Warhammer stuff. I had friends in the past using these boxes to store their Warhammer figures in.

Thanks, I know where they are aha! Used to collect warhammer about 15 years ago.

Or try places like chaoscards.co.uk they should have some in stock

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Thanks, I looked but didnt see any.I unchecked in stock and they appeared on CC, out of stock currently :slightly_frowning_face: ill keep an eye on them thank you

yh if you sign up then you can have an email notification when they are back in stock.