eBay Fakes (and the audacity of this 1st ed. zard)

So I came across this 1st ed zard just rawdogging a toploader. A first time seller no less.

It’s not the WORST fake I’ve ever seen, but it’s still obviously off (text, stamp). I asked for a closeup and they graciously provided.. That card stock is way off.

And as for the backstory, you guessed it – “It’s from my collection from when I was 8 years old”

Current bid is at 50 Bids/$400 in the 5 hours. What’s the most brazen fake you’ve seen on eBay, and how high did the bids go? And do you ever message sellers or report listings?

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There’s no point messaging them; no good will come from that. Just report and move on, though I think that doesn’t do anything unless enough people do it.

I’ll report fakes every chance I get. I can only hope others do the same so the listings get removed. It looks like that’s what happened to this listing which makes me happy.

The listings that blatantly disclose the card as counterfeit or “replica” baffle me the most. It blows my mind that people are willing to spend money on counterfeit cards when they can spend it on genuine cards instead. There are incredible cards to be had for literally any budget.

I’m convinced the people that say in the description “this is a fake card” are just trying to capitalize on the people who accidentally win auctions without reading fine print. Listings like “XBOX ONE [READ DESCRIPTION]” and the description says “this is just the box” – scummy but hey at least they’re covering themselves with a line of text.

The shadowless zard listing was removed but the seller is still allowed to sell, which irks me hard. They’re clearly willing to lie to buyers, so I’m gonna have to roll up my Karen sleeves.

Having numerous people report it is probably the best move the community can make.