Ebay Authenticity Guarantee on For Position Only cards

Recently I’ve been looking to acquire some of the Expedition FPO cards. I notice there’s some listings on ebay for the raw cards that have the Ebay Authenticity checkbox next to them. I guess maybe that automatically gets added to listings over a certain value? Would the authenticity guarantee actually apply to these though, since they’re test cards?

I just ask because I know PSA and Beckett’s stopped grading the FPO cards a while ago and I can’t remember if its PSA that does the ebay authenticity. If they do it, that would be wonderful as I saw a post a while ago about someone getting scammed by a fake FPO card that just had a paper picture in front glued onto another card. An authenticity check would be great to stop something like that.

If they’re going to just hold it for 2 weeks and then refuse to authenticate it though, I’d rather know at the get-go.

Second unrelated question - it seems ebay authenticity only applies to single card listings? I had some sellers tell me that they have multiple FPO cards, but it seems the ebay authenticity checkbox doesn’t appear when a listing with multiple cards is created.

Cgc does the raw card authentication and they do grade FPO so it should pass if they are legit.

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@pokecollectoramy is right. CGC would authenticate raw cards, including FPO. PSA would authenticate already graded cards (i.e., do the cert numbers match, does the case look tampered). PSA would not authenticate the card that has been encapsulated.

Yes, that’s right.

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