Ebay Authenticity Does Not Cover Signed Cards

Another fun episode of ebay nonsense. I recently sold this card: POKEMON PSA 10 GEM MINT 2016 LUIGI PIKACHU SIGNED KOUKI SAITOU CARD 296/XY-P | eBay

The item went through Authenticity Guarantee. Since I don’t accept returns, the sale is final. Until I woke up to a case opened from the buyer, stating the “PSA case is scratched”… Side point, any superficial scratch on a case can easily be removed with PlastiX: Meguiar's G12310 PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish,10 Fluid Oz Car Polish | eBay

After wasting hours on the phone with ebay, I was told while signed cards are going through Authenticity Guarantee, they are not protected. One more time, while signed cards are processed and “verified” by Authenticity Guarantee, you are not protected.

Luckily I finally got in contact with someone who didn’t read policy at me and said the case should be closed in 24 hours. This could all just be prior employee’s not wanting to do their jobs. Either way, I wanted to share this to help others avoid wasting hours on the phone with ebay, as there is no way anyone could have known.


Just for clarification, was the return case closed in your favor? Also, any chance you can share the eBay buyers name?

The case is still pending. Since creating the thread, I received a call from a supervisor who provided with conflicting information. The previous rep said it should just close out. The supervisor said signed cards are considered “customized” and not covered. If that isn’t enough clown energy, if a return is approved, the card has to go back through authenticity guarantee, then back to me, all because the buyer is complained about a superficial scratch on the case.

Anyway once I receive a definitive resolution I will update the thread with the buyers username.


Once a live auction hits $250 or a buy it now sells, ebay should do a quick 10 second review of the sale to make sure the card would qualify for authenticity guarantee. I am seeing auctions creep above $250 for an obviously fake card, and ebay could just shut it down right then and there. And in this case if they aren’t doing anything with signatures, they should have reviewed that and told you to ship direct to the customer.


That makes no sense since the card is already graded and authenticated by PSA…


Its honestly infuriating. The entire point of ebay authenticity is to just verify its the item shown. They are treating signed cards as “custom”, which is completely arbitrary since they are already graded. I explained to the rep how its redundant, because the item is already authenticated and encapsulated. Their response, “I see your point”.

I should hear a verdict by tomorrow and will update the thread. :pray:


Ebay once again showing how dumb they are. If it’s graded and they confirm the card is real and matches the listing then it being signed is nothing extra and should be no different then a sports card with a players signature from a pack etc.

Ive seen just issues with the dumb authenticity guarantee. Seems more headache then it’s generally worth.


I think this is a bit hyperbolic. The authenticity guarantee has been a godsend for sellers. That said, there are nuances that need to be addressed.


Agreed! Authenticity guarantee has been great outside of this situation. One of the many reps I spoke to said they have never experienced this before, so I hope it’s a blind spot they fix.


You definitely have my sympathy Scott. Playing phone tag with eBay customer service, trying to get someone with knowledge and authority to provide real resolution is one of the most frustrating ways to spend a day. Unfortunately, it often takes an entire day (or more), which adds a hidden cost to the selling equation. :frowning:


Perhaps this will eventually lead to an update of policy… Completely absurd.

If the authenticity they are checking is that it IS the card you’re selling, and that it IS real, and that it IS in the condition described, then the autograph being there or not is irrelevant to the fact of “customized” because they ARE checking that it IS customized in the way stated by the seller. Totally absurd and illogical.

If the autographs on autographed items are not to be included, those items should not be included for Auth Check at all. Apparently, eBay would do a home appraisal on everything but the roof, and call it complete. :triumph:

There is a God! :pray:


Source: eBay launches “Authenticity Guarantee” service


you owe me a 008/p or at least a sushi dinner :sushi:


Once I don’t have to call eBay over 10 times and take up most of my work day I’ll concede to your post! :rabbit:

But really this is situation is why I made that initial comment. The service otherwise has been fantastic! I hope it’s only a growing pain and I was just one of the first people to experience this issue.


I wish I had a PFM in my pocket to always handle tough topics including but not limited to “what am I doing for dinner tonight” and “can my bank account really justify buying another box of s6a”

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I’ll be honest, I thought the program was pretty silly at first. Especially when it came to graded cards. But that was before I started hanging out here and hearing about the sheer nonsense sellers deal with on a regular basis. I know this is a great thing for y’all, especially once they work the bugs out. In that case I’m all for it.


@smpratte Ugh, Ebay should have internal checks and balances with dumb returns like this. I feel like this issue will become more and more of a problem while the economy goes to shit with people trying to go back peddle on their debt hungry selves. ALSO, Fun Economical Data released from FRBNY recently about personal debt categorized:

Can we confidently say that the gray portion is Pokemon? :wink:

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Oh most defiantly!

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