Dodgy graded cgc perfect 10s, cgc pristine 10s and let's throw in gem mint 9.5s

I’ve been intending on making a thread on this for a while seems like a good time to do it. Not all cgc 9.5s are created equal due to no subs and subs but thought let’s put this in here aswell and then we have everything gem mint or plus together. Please feel free to post all dubious looking cgcs you find out there. There’s been an obvious increase in pristine 10s let’s see what’s going on. I do a lot of looking but obviously I’m not going to find everything so all help is appreciated. Thanks.

Any oddball low grades that look like they should be graded higher very welcome aswell.

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Rough cut sides aren’t uncommon Ive had cards graded cgc 9.5 with that from pack fresh cards. Allowing them to pristine is interesting. A lil off center and a tad of whitening. I know rough cut isn’t damage after factory but I don’t think it should ever be a perfect 10 if it has it and prob not even a pristine 10 but that’s a where do you draw that boundary line question.

People from sports TCG have been saying CGC 10 and BGS black labels are nothing more than just marketing gimmicks to attract more business. If BGS just grades a max Gem Mint 10 on white label, nobody will submit to BGS.

Some rumours on what CGC and BGS actually stand for:
CGC = Cheap Grading CMI
BGS = Bogus Grading Standards

For your reference.


Lovely thanks for that it’s in the data bank.

Such severe off-centering can warrant a black label is unbelievable!

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Tbh that’s a pretty good example compared to some of the way off ones I’ve seen.

Boy this is gonna be a real long thread if you’re trying to document every misgraded card in the world. Have fun!


Lol yep, just wait till these two discover that PSA has tens of thousands of “weak 10s” too


I think theres a difference since there is a premium on black labels and cgc 10s because they’re pitched as flawless cards. Not saying there aren’t a ton of overgraded PSA 10s but if someone is buying a $6,000 black label moonbreon over a $1,000 PSA 10, it should at least be what it claims to be; the most difficult grade to obtain across all companies. If I was a rich man, Id buy 10 black labels crack and resub.


top right corner; got a 10 sub


Hot take; the majority of cards left in CGC slabs are going to be weak grades that won’t regrade same or higher with PSA.

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I’m more interested in things which proclaimed to be perfect or “closest to perfection” but are blatantly imperfect, ie; black labels.


That’s the critical point. Black label cards command very high premiums. Like Moonbreon in black label was sold recently for $12,000 while PSA 10 is $900+ only. We’re trying to find out if black label cards are deserving of its premium.

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I’ll save you the hassle and thread, they’re not.


ugh, lets just hope we can keep it to this thread so it can be an easy mute instead of everything being about how grading is weird. Starting to think that is all we talk about on e4. The giant grading thread starting to look super appealing right about now. And tbh I never really understood why the mods insisted on so many “giant threads” a year or so ago. I see the folly in my ways now…


Hundreds of thousands.

Yep every card.

Someone who gets it here.

Can I see some data thanks.

You get it.

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