Do you like or dislike that Shining Ho-oh/Lugia are promos?

On the one hand, I can understand why an executive would do it from a marketing perspective - it upsells people to buy the more expensive box to have a guaranteed few ‘shining’ cards and gives the company a short-term boost in revenue.

On the other hand, I don’t think its good for the value of the set down the road for collectors. I feel Ho-oh, Lugia and Celebi carry most of the nostalgia value (aside from Mew), and the other Shinings are all relatively new Pokemon that I think are not as popular. Plus, from the company’s perspective, you forgo the potential revenue from people buying more boxes in the hopes they would get those cards.

Anyways, making those shining cards promos means they’ll trade in a lower price range, which is too bad compared to the original Neo Destiny cards, since part of their appeal was the fact that they were rare. Then again, maybe I’m making more of this than I should, since it’s not really a comparable set since this one only has 78 cards to begin with anyways and Neo Destiny had 100+. Anyways, would love to know your thoughts.

Pros - Easy to get if you want them

Cons - Tough grades due to trash centering (lugia, at least from my experience) & the packaging method.

Nothing will ever compare to older shinings, holos, gold stars etc.

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Ho-Oh was a promo in Japanese too.

In terms of why the other two are promos… Why else would collectors shell out $100 for a bunch of TCG crap?

I like it because there is less “good” cards to chase after and open packs for.

You could also argue that they are trying to bring in new “old” collectors through the nostalgia and this would actual benefit the hobby.

I honestly see nothing wrong with making them promos. They are hard to grade. I opened 10 ETB not one of them was close to having a PSA 10 shining ho-oh promo and lugia seems to be in similar standings. As far a rarity. Neo Destiny had similar pull rates the difference between then and today is that we are dealing with a bigger market of collector’s due to social media and 90s kids now coming back to the hobby as nastalgia collector’s. Also as far as the new Pokemon goes, I’m all about seeing new Pokemon for shinings. I just wish they picked fan favorites. Not pokemon such as genesect. Also they shouldn’t of done celebi again. It’s already been done as a shining before. I’d throw in Rayquaza in the old gen pokemon. Alot of 90s kids played all the way to gen 3 but many only gen 1 and 2.

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I don’t accept that Pokemon has a duty to make my cards valuable in the long run. Even if I do wish that were the case.

I like the promos. They’re pretty par for course with modern releases. They are very true to the original artwork. And insofar as value is concerned, they are all holding better than modern GXs of similar playability. I see the values as very strong all considered and am convinced that collectors are coming out strong for these cards.

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I don’t hate the fact that they are promo’s, but I think it’s a bit weird that Pokemon would throw shinings into a collection box. Is something like that done before?

But I also like it, because now there is more chance to pull that sweet mew.

It kind of reminds me how the YuGiOh god cards used to be rare, and then got distributed with pretty much every product. Not thinking that that’ll happen here, but yeah, it does hurt the rarity and appeal of cards that you can only get by splitting packs. The foil still looks quite pretty though.

Gold stars in Japanese promo boxes, so i guess?
Or would you say that doesn’t count ^^?

Personally idrm, the ho oh is a nice promo.

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I would love it…if I could get the packages that contain them in Canada.

*edit*: Scratch that, it looks like I can get them in Canadia now. So yeah, totally on board. Mostly because they’re promos for a more premium priced product, so the market shouldn’t be completely flooded. Yes they’ll be lower value, but probably not valueless.