Do dust/particles in PSA slabs affect resale value?


As stated in title, do dust/particles encased together with PSA slab affects its resale value? Some of them are right smack in the middle of the card and are quite obvious. Do you mind buying a slab like this?

I mind unless its a rare card.

It’s annoying, but I’ve learned to live with it. Usually I store a lot of my slabs anyway, so it doesn’t ruin it for me too much. I would consider re-slab, but then it could be a case of the card being damaged or the same or worse dust problem after.


It would annoy me a bit, but I can tolerate if it’s not right in the holo/artwork. (Almost) no problem on the back, unless it’s something particularly gross.

No, it won’t affect the resale value of the slab. Yes, it may draw up concern from a picky buyer when they receive the item. But if it is high enough value, eBay Authenticity Guarantee would not let them return it because of dust.

It doesn’t seem to generally affect the resale value on the wider market, but I personally won’t buy slabs with noticeable debris inside, and I’ve sold on cards that would’ve otherwise been keepers when they’ve arrived with sizeable bits of something trapped inside the slab.

A tiny bit of dust isn’t worth anyone’s time worrying about though.

99% of buyers won’t notice and even if they do they can get it reholdered for $15 or whatever. It’s a non-issue.

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