Disinfect pokemon cards ?

Any extra precautions or tips you have to clean cards in recent months.

Always put the card directly into a bucket of clorox and make sure to leave it in there for at least two days.

Or alternatively try not to worry too much because the virus can only survive for 24-48 hours on paper surfaces at max.




Wash your hands or use gloves if you’re concerned about handling any mail. Otherwise you might as well be disinfecting the entire box the cards came in and all the bubblebathwrap

Edit: its early cut me some slack on getting baited.

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The main risk of infection seems to be through aerosol in direct contact with other people if that’s your concern, so just wash your hands after recieving and opening the mail, before touching the insides :blush: If it makes you feel better, you could just let any mail sit for a day before opening them.


Can I nominate this for best meme thread?


Administer hydroxychloroquine. Adjust dosage accordingly based on HP.


I have anti-bodies now, so I just lick mine once I receive them.


I like to burn the germs off my cards.


My cards are maintaining appropriate cdc recommended precautions including wearing appropriate PPE via sleaves, psa cases, or cardholders as well as social distancing.

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I use Purell hand sanitizing wipes for all incoming PSA slabs


Lick the card until it’s nice and shiny.



Yup I use windex or SpicNspan 3-in-1 with a q-tip to clean oil off cards. Doesn’t hurt the cards at all.

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Did you really just suggest to disinfect cards? Really? Really?
You can’t just disinfect Pokemon cards like you can disinfect your hands. Do you know what that would do to the print?
Look. You have to inject it right into the middle layer of the card so that the surface doesn’t get damaged. And not just one puncture. Make sure it’s distributed evenly, then use UV light to dry the card (UV rays can penetrate the surface and dry the card from within, everybody knows that).
I know a lot about protecting cards, maybe more than almost everybody. Believe me.

I usually drink a Glass of disinfectant and spit it on my cards.
I also tried filling my sleeves with disinfectant before putting my cards inside but it always leaks.

I also told PSA to put some disinfectant into the cases just to be safe. Will keep you Updated on their reply. /s

Pokemon cards arent in a bubble bath but they sure are in a bubblebathwrap

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