Deoxys EX tin errors?

Sooo…I bought 2 Deoxys tins at Target. I got them for the Plasma Series packs but when I opened the first tin there were 2 Flashfire, 1 XY Base, and 1 Legendary Treasures. Now call me crazy but I don’t think that is right. Also, one of the Flashfire packs didn’t have a Rare card only a duplicate of Torkal, but I don’t know if that has anything to do with the tin itself. I was very confused so I decided to video tape the second tin opening just in case it is some sort of error. The packs were the same 2 Flashfire, 1 XY Base Set, 1 Legendary Treasures. I’m sure there is an easy explanation for this but right now I’m kinda stumped.

Did they re-release these tins?


Link to video?


did you ccheck the back, date or info on the net on this?

Yep, these tins were re-released. Here’s a video of someone else opening them.

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I realy dont like his videos, sorry

Had to be said

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TPCi has a long history of repackaging tins.

What a bummer. I will upload the video if needed but it sounds like we got it figured out. Is there a way to tell if they are re-packaged?

Deoxys-EX was rereleased as a “Best of Black & White 2” tin earlier this year. It was primarily just an excuse to push the price up to 19.99 to match the most recent tins, move older XY product. The tin you bought is normal for what is going on now. It isn’t an error