Dents that PSA missed?

Hey all,

I cracked a couple WOTC holos from PSA slabs recently to put into my binder. One of them was a PSA 8 and the other a PSA 9.

PSA 8:

Does this look like a binder dent? The front of the card does not have a similar impression, it’s just on the back.

PSA 9:

This one also seems to have a dent, but it’s in the middle of the back. I’m a little more unsure on this one, it looks like it could have been something from the factory? (Notice the white print dot it’s under/around).

I understand these slip through PSA now and then but I’m pretty bummed considering I bought the cards slabbed to remove the headache of possible surface issues.

Let me know what you guys think!

Yeah looks like a dent on both. I had that as well and posted my examples on this forum and was told by everyone a dent or corner bend is expected of a PSA 8 and that you should take it up with PSA via their financial guarantee service and not against the seller.

But since you cracked it, it is hard to go back to PSA. Their financial review is a joke anyway.

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I don’t want this to come across at all as judgemental because I’m not in the slightest - just genuine curiosty!

If it’s going in a binder why does it matter to you if there is a subtle dent on the reverse of the card?

Haha not at all! I like my cards to be in pretty solid condition, even for my binder. I’m cool with some whitening and non-perfect centering but I don’t like dents/creases/etc.

Sometimes you can match a binder ring dent with a card number. Like 1/102 or 4/102 or 7/102 sit next to the metal binder ring so more likely to get a binder dent. Some go by evolutions so maybe the Charmander or Bulbasaur gets the dent. The center ring seems to do the most damage for some reason.


Dents are usually auto 6’s or less - unfortunately they miss things sometimes like you mentioned

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Here is a thread that might be informative to you:

Overall grading is subjective. Some people might rather have a small edge lip rather than whitening on the back and vice versa.

There is a possibility that a dent may have occurred from you cracking the case, especially in the first case (PSA 8 example). Frankly, I have seen cards with dents like that get a 6 or less. The question is - was the dent there in the case pre-cracked, or did it result from the cracking? The 2nd is surprising for a PSA 9 for sure. I can’t see that happening from cracking the case.

What about surface bumps/reverse dents? Got a psa 10 with this attribute. Misgrade or within 10 parameters?