Cost efficiency for Japanese Boosters?

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When looking to add cards from a Japanese set is it cheaper to buy singles or booster boxes? Usually the answer is singles but I just want to make sure.

e.g. Matchless Fighter - Secret rare Birds and Full art Trainers
booster box is roughly 70$ on eBay.

cost to obtain as singles vs cost to get from booster boxes.
What is the pull rate like? If I recall its quite horrible but not entirely sure.

If someone can inform me that’d be awesome or just link me to a thread that explains it. Thanks in advance

It’s one secret rare per box (but I have seen two – example: one full art one rainbow rare in the Battle Styles sets), but that is probably an exception. I would say that if you are looking for a specific card you should probably just buy singles as the market price immediately after release generally reflects the difficulty to pull it, and you would be spending that much more trying over and over again to open it. When you look at these sets that have 25+ cards that fill the secret rare slot, the odds are obviously not in your favor. Again, this is for a particular pull. If you want the set it does make sense to buy a few boxes to get all the common/holo/flat V/etc. and a few of the secrets, but singles will win in the long run there too. Of course opening boxes is fun though so don’t forget about that :blush:


Always buy singles if you are looking to be economical as possible. The amount of money you can ‘waste’ trying to pull just 1 or 2 cards can add up very quickly.
If you want a bunch of cards from the set, as in most of the chase cards, then I think it’s fun to open a few boxes to see what you get and then buy singles of what you didn’t pull.


For a “special” set with 10 packs and a guaranteed ultra rare + holos in every pack (eg Shiny V, Tag All Stars), breaking is a ton of fun, and has a decent average return (if you’re willing to wait for grading), though still cheaper to buy singles, especially for sets like Tag All Stars with a massive amount of ultra rares.

For a “regular” set with 30 packs and one, maybe two ultra rare per box, breaking is rough. The sets are designed to give you every V and V Max within opening a few boxes, which is great for the main set. But the cost of going for all the ultra rares via break becomes enormous, and the breaks are disappointing when you already own every main set card, and as soon as you pull the ultra rare you know the rest of the box is all duplicates.

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For normal sets, it’s worth opening one box. There’s a good chance you’ll get a full set of commons and uncommons, and you’re unlikely to get more than one or two duplicate rares.