Condition review on this coro coro Mew?

Hey guys, so been buying up more Japanese stuff and trying to use eBay less and less as I have gotten some mixed experiences so far (when dealing with singles and not graded slabs). I’ve been eying the coro coro Mew and found a legitimate seller of one, but these were the best scans and pictures I could get out of him without pestering them some more and having them ghost me.

The price is pretty fair and market price for what I see on eBay for raw ungraded, and that isn’t DMG or HP.

Fixed the links, sorry!

There is some edge damage. I’m not sure what your expectations are or exactly what you’re asking here? The scans are pretty self-evident.

On a side note if you asked for additional pictures after receiving these front and back scans you’d be on my Ebay block list so fast :joy:


Lmao to last part, my thoughts exactly, especially a Japanese seller! I saw the edge wear and whitening, I’m more concerned if there’s an indent / deep scratch that I’m missing. As much as I appreciate the effort of a scan, the images often turn out a bit grainy and distort certain potential problem areas. Just wondering from those with more experience especially on the Japanese side if there was any tell-tale signs, notorious problem areas of these cards, maybe print lines in certain spots, etc.

Thank you for your comment none the less! Just curious if this is actually LP-possibly NM or leaning more towards MP-HP, which in that case, it might not be worth me paying the premium for since there are dozens of them in OK condition for cheaper even.

Looks like LP to me unless there’s something that the scans aren’t picking up. I don’t see anything that looks like an indent or crease; just the edgewear that was already mentioned.

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@zorloth thank you! I just wish I could find a polite way to ask to see the holo better or in a perfect world an angled pic/short clip… the price is about 150$ USD, and I’ve been seeing many listed raw with various forms of flaws, I noticed that they often have scratches like this listing on the holo…

I guess I just take the risk in that case lol

I’ve been seeing raw PSA 9 quality copies selling between 500-600 USD. Not sure what grade you’re looking for, but keep that in mind when hunting on the Japanese sites.

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Yeah, not looking for a possible 9 quality, but I’d be happy to own a pretty clean 7-8 that I bought ungraded and graded down the line! Just trying to enjoy and add more interesting cards to my collection :blush: thanks to this community of course and the members here! I’m more of a hoarder than a seller :wink: well I got my answer! Assuming they send me the card pictured, I shouldn’t be too disappointed then! It’s just a learning curve trying to navigate the Japanese sites. I often notice they have cards that say NM-M for let’s say 10$ and mention things like “condition is not used, but meant to be played” sounds like some broken translation… and then the same seller will have the same card for 20$ and have MINT next to it… so I ordered a few of each so I can try and better understand what they mean exactly in terms of condition

Thank you for your answer! I’ll post in the thread when they arrive :blush: