Complete Pokemon Topps Gallery

Found it on eBay for a pretty penny :money_mouth_face:.


Yeah, if the knowledge is starting to surface i want to believe a more reasonably priced copy will pop up, i can surely wait instead of paying that price

Ive always loved the topps cards, and those first appearance cards are something else :heart_eyes:. This was really well put together thank you


This is such a great resource. Thank you!

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HOLY CRAP!! Well done :100:

First time I’ve seen a number of these cards and it’s amazing seeing them all in one place. Thanks for sharing!



Are you able to share the eBay listing? I can’t find it. I also reached out to Topps support hoping they could provide any additional info and unfortunately they were unable.

Does anyone have any other suggestions of where we could look for more info?


I have two of them and was wondering what I can do with them

Hi, i’ll dm you!


Can you share more info on where you got them?

I would be interested in buying one if you’re selling.


can you show us photos? thx

I think the original listing i had found is down now :frowning:

The Prophecy Fulfilled 2000 set card… does that come in a foil version? Or are they only non foil? Curious.

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Yes, both silver foil and rainbow foil :+1:

Is the rainbow version considered the rarer version?

It’s different print run but i have no knowledge if either of them is rarer than the other

I was looking to see if they had some on eBay just to see, but can’t tell which is rainbow or not, & must be in Japanese. Anyway thanks for the reply!

Topps cards aren’t made in japanese at all so no use searching those :slight_smile:

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