Collection View

I personally prefer scans because it shows the condition of the card so well and you can see every single detail :blush:

I like scans as well. They are just a pain in the ass at times. I still have stuff left to do. I would go with whatever makes you happy.

Hrm, though my scanner is either cheap or what then?
It doesn’t pick up scuffs on a card

I don’t own a scanner, hence the pictures for my collection…and even my camera is like 7 years old. I need a new camera/scanner soon.

Epson perfection V33 :blush: Its cheap and it does a great job!

I myself have a scanner, yet it is mainly used for artwork. I only scan cards if they have difficulty being photographed. I like photography simply because it has the potential to produce an image with emphasized and/or natural colour contrast. I love to interact with my cards in this fashion, too. I feel that photography provides an opportunity to observe a card from a variety of perspectives. I enjoy spending time with every single card. I know how absurd that sounds, yet it is what motivates my enthusiasm for collecting cards.

I wholeheartedly agree that scanning a card will accentuate its detail and remove any potential lighting flaws. In addition, it guarantees proper alignment, angle and size. I never realized that scanning was a preferred method until recently, although it doesn’t appear like anyone is complaining about my photography :wink: