Charizard keychain unopened by BasicFun Item 757-0

I have a Pokemon Gotta Catch Em All Key Chain of Charizard unopened made by Basic Fun Item # 757-0 All original. Has Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu’s picture all on the right side with MewTwo, Togepi, Mew and Charizard’s on the left. I looked at others online but none of them look like mine. Its just Charizard inside a pokeball attached to a chain. The different thing is Charizards posture. Mine has him looking straight forward, claws out in front, fire on tail red on front side, yellow on back, mouth closed sitting straight up with tail curled up to his left/my right side shoulder height. All original. Never opened. Toy in perfect condition. Manufactured/Distributed Huntingdon Valley, PA. Any idea of its value?

Do u mean this one?

The site where I got the picture from is selling them for around $20,00.

That’d be it. What’s that price in American?

Anywhere from $10,00 to $25,00 if you were to sell it on ebay. They’re not easy to find, so people might want to buy it for a price like that. Also, it’s a Charizard, one of many peoples favourite pokemon. :blush:

Good luck selling it.