Certain ebay sellers

Alright I’ve had this happen like 3 times in the past few days now. I find a good looking card that is on my want list(two raw, one PSA) and I send a best offer out and then me and the sellers negotiate and then we come to a price they accept. Twice, by the time I go to checkout, the seller has cancelled the order.

One of the times I was told, “I’m sorry, this was a gift from a friend and I really don’t think I should sell it”
Okay fair enough, but then why the fuck did you list it and waste my time bargaining with me on a price and then accepted my offer?

The other time I was told, “I don’t really wanna sell this card but idk I kinda need the funds right now but I still don’t want to sell the card”
HUH? Then let me purchase the card at the agreed upon price so you have the funds you need or just don’t put the card up at all since you apparently don’t want to sell it and sell some other shit to get the funds you need

The other time I took a little time to go through the card/provided pics a little more throughly(like 15-30 mins extra after the seller took the best offer) but then they cancelled because they didn’t know if I would pay since I didn’t pay immediately. lol.

I’ve been getting an usual lot of cancelled orders as well these past two months. I even tried to purchase two cards for Secret Santa which were cancelled last minute. All by different sellers too.

It’s bizarre. I’d understand it if these listings were like old listings with high prices that were for show not sale and then someone just yolo bought it, but these are literally one day old listings that I’m making offers on and they’re bargaining then accepting so idk what’s up with these sellers lol

This seems odd, why would you need to look more, you agreed to buy it, just pay for it? Seems like you wanted to send an offer to get it off the market, THEN decide if its worth it without fear or someone else purchasing based on you saying they are new listings.


Card gets listed
I sort through new listings
I see good condition gold star card with potential gem mint qualities that is being advertised as flawless without any edge wear/holo scratches
I send an offer that is reasonable hoping the seller will accept that is below the BIN because it’s still a raw card with two not so crystal clear images
Seller accepts offer
I ask seller if I can see some additional angles of the card since it’s advertised as “gem mint without any holo scratch or edge wear” because even with the best offer I’m still paying over NM market price and hovering around PSA 8/PSA 9 listed prices so I still want to be assured on its quality since I’m potentially paying this much
Seller provides additional pics
I guess half an hour is too long and seller cancels offer

I mean yeah I wanted it off the market so I could make sure it’s really as amazing as the seller was making it out to be before buying it. I agreed on the price because of all the advertised qualities on it and so I think it’s justified that I take some time to look at the additional pictures and make sure that I think it really is as advertised. Super odd yeah :face_with_spiral_eyes:

This could potentially get you banned from buying from me. You do your due diligence before you make your offers. Taking it off the market to inspect it more is a selfish act and not benifitial to the seller. Most sellers are looking to sell, not looking to sell to you. If there’s more information that you need to ensure you’ll pay don’t send the offer till you have that information.

With that said I wouldn’t cancel the order, that’s a bit quick on the sellers end to do it within the hour. There’s a lot of individuals who waste time and aren’t worth the hasstle, that seller obviously didn’t have the patience for another time waster.


Fair enough, I still think if you’re going to list a card as a flawless raw card you should provide like 10 pictures on the original listing since you’re clearly selling above market because of the condition alone, but I do admit my mistake. I still think the other scenarios that happened are utter horse shit from the sellers though

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Pot calling the kettle black.

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@joetehman it is comforting to hear though that sometimes a bad buyer and a bad seller meet and get to waste each others time for a change.


Yeah bad buyer even though I went to checkout to finalize the purchase and have never requested a buyer to cancel(because usually sellers with a brain who advertise a card as GEM MINT and have the price reflect that will usually put more than 2 shit pictures for their listings.)

You guys are a bunch of skeptic dickheads lol. Fuck off the lot of you