CARD GRADING AUSTRALIA - Sleeve in the case? :D

This is really cool guys… I was just looking at these guys cards, and It looks to me that CGA Puts a sleeve within the case like BGS… AND they have the PRISTINE grade… HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM :ninja: Prety Kewwl.


I’m fairly certain PSA have started implementing sleeves in cases randomly.

Had a M Zard English come back inside a sleeve inside the case. I’m sure if you asked, they’d put your cards in sleeves prior to them being slabbed.

CGA is a great option for those who can’t afford PSA. But as you can see from the price, it’s just not worth it for re-sale.

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II just have lots of trouble sending to psa from australia.


I actually find that label more aesthetically pleasing than both PSA and BGS (not including Pristine and Black Label) but sadly the boost in profit will hardly be there in comparison to PSA

The reputations of the owners/managers is normally the problem. Other lesser brands have contacted me over the years offering free and generous grades to start using them.

I would never buy a card in one of those cases but for a personal collection I see no harm.

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Ill add that one to my collection!!!

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look at the centring on this pristine 96 though… that top border is thin thin thin!

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psa makes these mistakes to, but a 98 was sent in ray gold star engrish and it got a psa 10. I think the Australian grading scale is very similar to psa tbh.

Im here to tell you this as a new employee/marketing genious of CGA. :nerd_face: This has been a paid syndipresentation.

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The centering doesn’t look too horrible to be honest.

I’d be better to see in person though.

Im deifnierrnly going to give them a shot if oz inegmoice is up to the challenge.

Ill probably do it anyway though

Dang, you change grading companies as often as you change underpants lol.

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ahh no. Me not change! I just want to give it a shot, and compare.

GAther more data for fun, and also test the market lol. See what happens with a PRISTINE 100 no rarity common pikachu.

Maybe ill start the next craze.

We owe it to ourselves and the community to check this company out, and see some scans and compare to bgs and psa. just to see how this company is.

There is alot of aussies out there also, that dont have the money and find it hard to send to psa also.

One things for sure, i really like that sleeve in the case. I asked the seller, and it is infact a sleeve :nerd_face:

But… I cant say Im not intrieged by dat PRISTINE GRADE MUHAHAHAHAHAHHA, and da sleeve.

I know that grading with such a company with little rep, will not make the cards graded very valueble… But every company gotta start somewhere. WHAT IF CARD GRADING AUSTRALIA STARTS GRADING ALL THE FOREIGN JUNGLES, FOREIGN EX SERIES ECT!!! WOULDNT THAT BE EXCITING! THeres lots of people out there who need to have these cards graded. IM going to suggest they do it :ninja:

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@ozenigma you have to admit the top border is fairly thin though.

It’s thinner than the bottom yes. But it’s not outrageous.


Yes it is. To sum it up. PSA also has a bunch of TOP to bottom or bottom to top centered cards they give 10s. It does happen if the card has high surface, edges and corner grade, but 8.5-9ish centering.

With the english cards, current ones, the boarders are quite thinner then wizards and old back japanese so it does stand out a fair bit more.

But its always a possibillity to get a 10 on oc cards, even if its very low. But I personally think they still deserve the 10 as there gem ect just a bit oc. BUt does anyone remember that machamp psa 10 no rarity :nerd_face: and the shining neo4… It can and does happen on rare occasion.


Does that label have a foil gold border???


I think so :ninja:

Bgs are nice, but I prefer psa. I wouldn’t mind more bgs but I dont have the income for both. The thick cases are black labels are pretty damn nice.