Capturing the COOL collection - SM-P promos coming in fast

Seen this complete (not master) set of Dark Explorers up on AU eBay for $350. Bought it pretty much on sight, even though it had a best offer option. Hadn’t bought a single card from this set as I was too daunted by the huge price of the full arts. Pretty happy about this one.

Lots of mail this week, this is just the highlights. Trying to finish my PSA 8 Shadowless Holo set with the Machamp and Chansey. The Psyduck is a 9. Bought the starter Hypers in the brief hours between Pokebeach putting up the Guardians Rising set list and then later updating it to include them in it :unamused: . Oh well, they’re pretty minty, might get them graded if I can find a middle man. Plus some other junk that I NEEDED to keep my lungs pumping air.


Good stuff. And plenty of psa middlemen on this site for ya. Any base set goal is admirable.

Got all 3(4) in a lot from a japanese seller on eBay.

Really check the 068-070/XY-P Pikachu cards. They came with a plastic terrocata (sp) thing in the bag. A lot of them have dents. I have a stack I just haven’t bothered to sell with dents when I was selling a ton of them a couple of years ago. Same thing with the Hoopa movie promo. Sold really well but I stopped selling as I didn’t want to try to pass of dented cards and I had a crazy amount of them with dents when I opened the packs. Noticed a lot of dealers started selling sealed packs and not individual cards as they were having the same problem.

221/XY-P is one of my favorite Pokemon Center campaign promos. Very colorful and really Japanese picture.

RIP suicune full art

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Woah first time seeing that Lugia card, same art as the lugia neo genesis packarts. Might have to get my hands on it, thanks for the showcase!

Congrats on the eevee, amazing card

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First time I’m collecting things that I don’t need for a set.

The rest are for sets and aren’t extras.

Finally getting around to these japanese trading card sets.

Still trying to get all the gold stars together, as well as the e series sets. Pretty hard a the moment given the cost of them.


I’ve never bought boxes to collect before now, but here are my first. CP6 seems to be rising a bit, so thought it best to get in now. Shining Legends box is A+. Evolutions obviously a very very very good investment and will pay my mortgage in a few years guaranteed.

Now for more promos and more cardass (booty).


Neat Cards :blush: with the middle man for graded cards, Efour has its own middle man service that also helps pay the bills… Or hit up @ozenigma For an middle man based in Aus :blush:

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Got a good deal on these. Very happy with them.


Nice pickups, I’ve had my eye on these for a while now myself, but priorities! :smile: Love the artwork!

Further progress with the Carddass sets. Charmander line from Dragon Storm. The 2 big stacks of carddass and topsun in pretty good condition.


I love your Cardass collection, such amazing artwork. :blush: I hope to pick up a few of these myself somewhere down the line.

Finally managed to track down the last cards for my PSA 8 Shadowless Holos set.

My boy Brock with his stylish full art card. Had to get this as a 10. My only 10 currently. And starting on my way for the 1st Edition Base Holo set. Probably go for 6-7 grades here.


You can still find these on mercari or yahoo Japan. Good luck.

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Have been rolling in japanese promos and some PSA cards lately. Plus one more gold star down :sunglasses: