Can blister packs still be weighed/tampered with?

I know when you purchase a loose booster you are running the risk it has been weighed or tampered with, but what about blisters? Can you still weigh them to find out if a rare card is inside even though they’ve been plastic vacuum sealed? Or is it safe to buy blisters in confidence?

Yes, it it less accurate, but people do it.

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They can be and are weighed.

But then doesn’t that then mean that booster boxes can also be weighed? With heavier ones being kept for better value?

the more packaging involved the less accurate things can be weighed so with a booster box there are so many factors that it would be almost impossible to weigh


One time myself I sat down with loose boosters and weighed one after the other. Some were heavier than others, but it didn’t change what I pulled. I pulled secret rares in less heavier packs and vice versa. I think this whole weighing thing can sometimes be overstated, but that’s just a n00b’s opinion.

As @mojotbone stated, the more packaging, the harder it is to weigh packs. Pack weighing itself is a proven practice that significantly increases your chances (read: not guaranteed) of pulling a holo or ultra rare from a pack. However, with anything beyond triple blisters, weighing does not work, as the difference between holo and non-holo cards is only a few tenths of a gram. Pack weighing is most accurate with single packs, occasionally accurate with triple blisters, and not accurate with booster boxes.

All this being said, weighing packs in stores (and only buying the heavy ones), or weighing packs and selling the lightweight ones, is scamming. You’re depriving someone of the chance they pay for when they buy a booster pack.


For sure, I’d never do anything like that. I don’t sell boosters anyway, just cards (that are doubles or bulk) I just wondered what everyone’s general opinions were. I’m about to buy a ton of blisters from overseas so I was just wondering how much of a gamble it was.

Depends on from who and what series.some series are more prone to being weighed.

When I have ordered 3 boxes of product, I have weighed boxes to determine the order in which they are opened. I have had better luck with the medium weight, like a bell curve. So I think weighing of boxes does not help you.

Amen Ethan.
The most impressive thing about the UPCCC is its collective morality. We are true collectors…with a conscience.


safer than loose packs.

You should be safe with multipacks too.

So my first blister arrived and I think it’s been tampered with. I’m going to make a thread and get everyone’s opinions.

I appreciate this

hey if everyone is doing it hen it must be good. Well except for that time everyone was jumping off…