Camrok37's Buy Thread - Finder’s Fees! 🤑

This will likely update and change as items are acquired and new goals pop up!

Prices are a starting point - if you have one of these and you’re interested in selling I’d love to hear about it, and maybe we can strike a deal :handshake:

In priority order:

  1. Sealed Trainer Deck A - not a ton of sales data out there, so I’m going to say starting price of $6000.

  2. Ken Sugimori signed card - Not entirely concerned about condition of the card as I’m more interested in the auto. Price will likely have to be negotiated depending on the card/condition/species/etc. but I’ll just list my interested buying price starting at $3,000 with the understanding that this number could vary quite a bit.

  3. Tomokazu Komiya signed card - Similar to above. Not sure how hard (if not impossible) this will be to obtain since he hasn’t signed much (not interested in paying the $18k needed for the cards currently listed on eBay), but Komiya is my favorite artist so I want to at least put it out there. $3000 starting buying price.

Offering $100 finders fee for any connection that leads to a purchase!

Thanks for reading :sunglasses:


Bump and updates :slight_smile:

Bump and updates for new 2024 goals after accomplishing the majority of my 2023 goals! :sunglasses:

Bump and updates :sunglasses:

Bump, updated with priority order as well as a cool $100 finder’s fee.

closest thing I could find on google shopping was this weird listing: Other | Ken Sugimori Autographed Bgs Slab Live Auto | Poshmark I’ll keep looking tho

oh yeah, and also this Trainer A Deck Box 1999 | eBay

It’s probably just a box or sumthin.

one more time 🔥🔥 Ken Sugimori Signed Hypno HOLO Fossil 8/62 RARE PokEMON Card Wotc 1999 🔥🔥 | eBay

Its possible to edit a comment and add info in one


I appreciate you taking the time to look for me @Vertemes. I’m not interested in any of these listings though. Thanks!

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No problem!

Please no one buy these Sugimoris, they aren’t real.


Concur, I probably should have specified a little why I’m not interested in any of these listings (for anyone interested):

  1. Not interested in a signed slab; even if it was authentic, I don’t want the risk of the signature being able to deteriorate so much easier on the outside of the slab. Just not my thing.

  2. Looking for a sealed Trainer Deck A, not an open box. That said, the empty box is still kind of cool for anyone interested in that sort of thing!

  3. This auto is not real, hence why it has been sitting on eBay. If it was real that price would have buyers all over it (in my opinion; if it were real I would buy that pretty quickly).


I hope that you win it, @camrok37!

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Sshhhhhh :shushing_face:

I saw this in my research, and I fully intend on bidding the farm. Ok maybe not the whole farm, but you know :laughing:


Really good idea to select a slab with an specific grading date instead of just a raw card in order to scam someone :melting_face:

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How dare you! I spent 20 secs looking for these thing which cost me a lot of electricity!