Buyers with some return history

Is there a option on ebay to block bidders with high amounts of return history?

I don’t think so.
I can tell you what I do. ANY person on eBay or privately who returns an item to me I ban them on eBay and never work with them again privately.
Now before they say anything, one member here on e4 wanted to return an item cause they needed the money back and I told them to suck eggs. I did loan them 500.00 though lol.

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so its preferable to do everything through paypal?

How else?

does paypal have better seller protection?

Better than what? All deals go through PayPal unless you run your own credit cards.

than ebay.
I know that ebay and paypal have broken off and Paypal has a dispute process that works like the ebay resolution center and ebay favors buyers most of the time. Is that the same case with paypal?

Both have buyer protection but its best to know who you’re working with. If you have a good rep then people will family/friends payment and both save a few bucks.

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