buy - early tournament goods + need some info help

If you have one of these PLEASE HIT ME UP!!

Also these (although less of a priority):

^notebook case^

Finally, anyone know anything about the card(?) in the bottom right corner?

Thanks for any help!!

On the last picture, it is not a card, it is a giveaway from the magazine CoroCoro.

Below some pictures I have saved from YJA :

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@linkdu83 Thank you! Do you know if it’s card stock or just a piece of magazine paper?

In my opinion, it is a sort mini book or booklet.
I have already seen it on YJA twice (for less than 500Y).

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I have one of the booklets in question. They are relatively hard to come by, but don’t seem to be too expensive. I believe I purchased mine around the 500 yen mark as well.

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The Tamamushi University Student ID Card is really cool!

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So does anyone have any extra pamphlets and such theyd be willing to sell? I’d definitely offer more than the 500Y standard lol