Brilliant Stars Booster Box

Hey guys. I bought a brilliant stars booster box but I was wondering if I shouldn’t have bought it or no? I want to feel the nostalgia of opening packs again like a kid and a booster box is the most amount of packs I ever opened up.

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My question to you: what are you worried about?

i’m sorry I just wanted closure to make sure I didnt waste my money. It’s my first time buying a booster box. I heard brilliant stars has good pull rates but I dont know if I can resell all my pulls to make profit

Don’t overly worry! Opening packs/a box is one of the best feelings. I doubt the box price is going to erupt tomorrow, so you can always buy another or more packs down the road.

On average, opening packs to make money is a losing game. i.e. the expected value of a box is less than the price.

But, people can, and do, get lucky.

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I appreciate it. I got it from the pokémon center and I can’t wait to get it. I want to make a vid on opening the box on tiktok. I also got an astral radiance etb as well. I just hope i didn’t waste my money

Brilliant Stars is a fun and good set to open because it contains character gallery rares and a good mix of other rarities such as rainbows, alt arts, full-arts, and gold cards. Can’t go wrong opening one if it’s just for fun! Just beware that it might become addictive to gamble for specific cards (I recommend buying singles if you want a specific card instead of opening packs for it).


You’re very unlikely to make a profit from it – that’s just the nature of sealed product. If the EV of sealed ever exceeds the value of the sealed product, people will open it until that’s no longer the case. Just keep the cards and enjoy them :).


The only way you’ll profit from opening Brilliant Stars is if you pull the Charizard alt art, which is very unlikely. The only way you’ll profit from the Astral Radiance ETB is if you pull the Machamp alt art, which is even more unlikely.

But dude, opening a booster box is totally worth it! Especially if you’ve never opened one before. Just open it! Not everything you do in life has to be profitable.

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appreciate it my guy. Ima keep that noted! if I open it you can see it on my tiktok @pokemaxpulls i’ll upload it on there!

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If you are interested in specific cards, it may be better to buy singles from TCGPlayer, eBay, etc. However, there is something truly magical about opening sealed packs/boxes of cards. You can’t put a price on the entertainment factor of cracking a box and the memories of your pulls.

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Thats true but I was skeptical on ebay packs. People tell me that sometimes people weigh packs and I like buying packs in bulk

Definitely better to buy booster boxes than individual packs when possible/practical.

If you have fun opening it you didn’t waste your money. Most likely, you won’t profit selling individual cards from it though.


Echoing what a lot of others have said in this thread. Pack opening is for fun, not for profit! You’re probably not going to make money, but you’ll enjoy yourself and relive some childhood memories. Worth it, if you ask me!

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I’ll see how it goes with this booster box. The last time i opened packs was probably 7 or 8 years ago

appreciate it thanks man

It should coming in a few days. I’ll let you guys know what the pulls are. Wish me luck!!


Good luck!

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Hopefully this goes well, excited to see your pulls! If you end up having so much fun you’ll do it again, I recommend finding a trusted seller or reputable website where you feel comfortable buying from. Paying retail for a booster box can burn a hole in your pocket fast! Another option is finding a nearby card shop near you where you can support a local business. I’ve seen cards shops sell under retail from $10 off to $40 off depending on the set.

Hope you pull every card you want !

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