BGS returns

Hey all I had a quick question. I was wondering if all of the cards in a BGS submition will have sequential serial numbers even with a mix of japanese and english. thanks

Yes, all grading companies will provide sequential certifications in a single submission regardless of the card or language.

Not really with bgs

Actually, not really… BGS often has gaps between consecutive cert #’s even within the same submission. Sometimes there will be a block of 20 cards all sequential, and then the next card in the sub will jump up out of nowhere (ex: 12390900 - 12306588)

okay that may have just made my day because I was looking at the pop report and a new black label showed up for a card I had submitted. I look at the next serial number and it was another one of the cards I submitted so I got excited but I didnt see the rest so I needed to know it it was possible

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if it was graded on the same day as the other cards that you submitted there is a really high chance it is yours

It was. Im about ready to piss myself that’d be 2/8 on black labels from bgs

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Do we get to know what card?

Thanks for the info @Tapp @wisewailmer, I had no idea!

Its the leafeon vmax alt art from eevee heroes!


Wow great one to get.

I currently have a Fusion Strike Espeon VMAX that I submitted solo and the label has been printed. I genuinely expected a gold label 10 but I noticed a black label also popped so fingers crossed we’re both about to be up one black label!

Now sit back and watch the BGS gods hand me a 9.5.