Better to send cards from Europe or Japan to PSA?

Hehyo Guys

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here. Life. has been busy and I had to focus on other things besides my collection.
Now that I’m back I set my goal to collect some more pricey japanese promo cards.

I’m going to travel to Japan and was wondering if it makes more sense to send the cards I bought in Japan straight to PSA from Japan or bring them back with me to Europe first and send them from here to PSA?

Which Version would you recommend?
I knew back in the day there were some E4 members that offered sending cards from Europe to PSA but couldn’t find anything.

It’s good to be back.
Looking forward talking to you guys more again :blush:

Do you have a permanent address in Japan? If so you can use PSA Japan which is cheaper and faster (although not by much in either regard)

Otherwise I guess it’s a case of shipping costs and whether you’re fine with the extra transport risks if you take cards back to Europe before submitting

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I sadly don’t have a permanent address in Japan.
I was just wondering if it’s cheaper to use the service of someone having access to PSAs member services or of it makes no difference if the card is worth between 400-1000$
When PSA says card must be worth less than xxx amount. Do they mean before grading or after and how do they define the value of that card?

Why all middleman send card to USA when they can send to Japan and save thousands of money? LOL

I had thought it before but never made a post to ask, thanks to you I can now.

I don’t know what PSA in USA in like, but in Japan you can only submit 300 cards per month (and they don’t even open submissions every month). I’m sure people do middle stuff but I guess it’s not possible to scale that up at the moment

I remember to read somewhere that in 2023 PSA will grade the cards directly in Japan instead of shipping them to USA