Best way to offload a bunch of junk slabs?

Also Japan and it’s confusing with all these different consignment services :joy:. Someone persuade me as to why I shouldn’t use Z&G or PWCC?? :pray:

Japan is chill, I’m going to miss it

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Update: averaged out $12.84 each on pwcc. Median was probably closer to $10 a slab

The worst slabs did better than I anticipated but I also feel like some of the more decent slabs took a bath


Either way I just converted 94 pieces of junk into a PSA 9 goldstar so no complaints


Congratulations on offloading the junk slabs, and for sharing the excellent monetary outcome.
Forgive me as I have not sold anything on the PWCC website (though strongly considering it now); thus, I may be misinterpreting what I’m reading on the PWCC website info regarding selling, as their table with the asterisk gave me the impression that for anything that sells at 15 dollars or below automatically gets 3 dollars deducted from the seller’s proceeds —- is that right ?? Since, if I’m interpreting the screenshot correctly, if the winning bid for the Zapdos was 10 dollars, and if seller net was 9 dollars, that seems to be only a buck that PWCC takes, which would be awesome!

PWCC adds in unnecessary math. The bid was $10, but buyer’s premium is 20%, so the final bid was $12. Then take off $3 fee


Aaah haha, I see now. Thank you kindly for the explanation.

@pfm were they already at pwcc or did you decide to send there? I thought they had new rules and rates for low value cards

Just sent a box of 100ish after making this thread. Preparing another box to go out today lol


maybe psa vault is now an option since there is no min like with ebay vault :thinking: send em all to ur vault set up the auction pay 16% or w/e no storage or fulfillment fees

If you’re ok with 12$ per slab I’m sure there are streamers who’d offer that or better all at once too

Does the psa vault take cgc slabs? That’s mostly what I’m trying to move.

I’d rather take a multiple hundred dollar hit for the convenience of pwcc instead of having to work something out with a streamer

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Yes, absolutely.

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yeah, they should take anything that ebay vault did, or at least psa/bgs/cgc

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