Best places to buy japanese singles?

What are some good websites/ebay sellers to buy japanese singles from? Recently, I’ve been inadvertently dealing with drop shippers/really long wait times for orders to be shipped.

On eBay I tend to rely on sellers with 100% feedback. This is more and partly because I am quite careful about who I buy from.

But every now and then I go to buyee or something like sendico to buy singles that I can’t find on eBay.

I honestly just buy on eBay. The lack of seller protection of other sites (not to mention the decrease in user friendliness) is just not worth it to me. I know I’m probably missing out on some good deals but it is what it is.


If you are looking for common/uncommon/holo cards, they are very expensive for what they are. Minimum of $1 on eBay, $3 on tcgrepublic. There are no card online webpages that sell cards cheap like tcgplayer or trollandtoad. Really hoping TCGPlayer adds a Japanese listing for cards.

For hits, eBay is good. Also try Mercari on Buyee. Load up a bunch of orders and only pay for shipping once.

for buying specific bulk, i’d recommend yuyutei first if you have tenso or something similar and cardrush second. for trying to find the best deals, i’d recommend mercari jp (i’m sure yahoojp is great as well, but i haven’t actually used it yet).

all of these require international shipping which usually is at least around $20-$25, but usually around $30-$50 depending on how big your final package ends up being. obviously these options are only optimal if the final cost after international shipping is low enough to make the hassle worthwhile.