Best Place to Sell High End Card (~$15K)

Lets get back on topic of the best place to sell and not tax lol.


My vote is PWCC for the reasons mentioned above by pfm.

If you need an immediate payout, choose a big eBay TCG consigner like TCAGaming, Probstein123, ZandGEmporium, smpratte, etc.

We are just going in circles at this point. Every option has been provided. Chose whichever one you want. The card will be fine with any of them.


Probstein has the lowest fees by far if that sways you


100% DIY on ebay. Whatever service you end up using, ensure that for a card of this value you use a delivery service that requires ID/signature upon receipt.

If it’s a slab I’d just sell on eBay if I were you and you’ll be well protected. Or hit up some of the sellers on IG including these guys called E&A Collectibles on Insta :joy: (that’s me - but we’ll all want a cut too)…

I’ve heard the same. My cousin told me they lost some of his Sports collectibles though but idk…

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