Best Modern Football sets?

Hey guys made the mistake of buying some of those Panini dollar packs at the checkout today, loved them. So much fun to open.

I’ve never collected anything modern for sports, only vintage, so I’m clueless on what are the best brands/sets? 2005-present

Also do I have to worry about pack weighing? I’ve seen a couple of guys “feeling” packs at the store and one of the packs came with an extra card, guessing to combat this “pack feeling”?

When I was a kid my Dad gave me his collection from the 75-89 era and I’d like to build a binder or two to someday give to my kid.

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I’m not super into football cards but I love the Panini Prizm set, I might try and complete the base card set for 2017. Shiny and the color parallels look great.

Yea unfortunately people can weigh them like that, but they try to put thick “dummy” cards in the packs to thwart that. People can still find the patch/jersey relic cards like that but I think it would be really hard to search for the autographs cause they are usually base cards size. I’m guessing people just take all the thick packs and hope they aren’t all just dummy cards in them.

There are tons of sets though, probably best to just watch some pack opening videos and see what looks good to you. The high end stuff looks really good, I think National Treasures and Immaculate look really nice but that stuff is way too pricey for me.

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Best way to avert searched packs is to save up and buy a box. Buying packs or boxes though are a big loser so only do it for fun cause it’s a waste of money.

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It’s purely for fun, I know there’s little (to no) money in modern Sports.

Not 100% true. Like everything else, its just a gamble

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If you only pull Aaron Judge cards then you’re set lol

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